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В Италии есть место, которое я давно не пропускаю. В первый раз на этом берегу я только постояла. И только простонала "хочу в сад" как та Алиса, которая не могла дотянуться до ключей на стеклянном столике. Второй раз я не стала медлить и, отправив девчонок от стоянки на пляж, прямиком направилась в отель через дорогу и сняла номер на одну ночь с одной огромной кроватью на троих и видом на море. С моря мы возвращались, завернувшись в полотенца, а утром, пока все спали, я купалась в нём одна. В третий раз мне не досталось места в Венере Аззара http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g194792-d567524-Reviews-Hotel_Venere_Azzurra-Lerici_Italian_Riviera.html,
но зато я позавтракала чёрными сливами в другом отеле, где окна смотрели в сад во дворе, но во время завтрака можно было любоваться морем. В эту последнюю поездку мы съездили на прогулку по морю, хотя до замка добраться так и не удалось.
И вот открытие: там, недалеко от сказочного Леричи есть кемп Маралунга, где море не через дорогу, а рядом с палаткой и только для тебя. Хочу-хочу!
И ещё один! Вот:
И там есть, что важно не мне, но от этого зависит, вот это:
А в июле там праздник- Sagra marinara di Sant'Erasmo (2-3-4 Luglio 2010)
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Hotel Tirreno Residence - Procida

A small Mediterranean-style accommodation complex immersed in a tranquil, lush garden setting, Hotel Tirreno Residence is located only 80 meters from the sea on Procida Island, a popular island holiday destination off the coast of Naples, Italy.

Ample outdoor space at this delightful hotel includes gracious courtyards, cliff-side gardens and panoramic terraces, some of which have been featured in movies and photographic shoots.

To cater for business travellers during their stay in this Procida Island hotel, Tirreno Residence provides the following complimentary amenities: a computer, printer, scanner, fax an phone line (for landline connections anywhere in the world), and wireless Internet access throughout the hotel, including the garden area.
Air conditioning
Credit card accepted
Laundry service
Pets accepted
Room service - limited hour
Wireless Internet connection in the entire property
Front desk - 24 hour
Front desk - fax service
Free parking
Guarded car park
Shuttle service
Internet/Email services
Satellite TV
TV Room


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Owing to its strategic location along the ancient road called Via Francigena, Massa was once the rest place for pilgrims travelling from France to Rome.

Upto the 11th century Massa belonged to the Bishops of Luni. However, the most significant marks on the town were left by two noted families the Malaspinas and Cybo Malaspinas, who ruled Massa for three centuries from 1440.

The core of Massa is Piazza Aranci named after the orange trees that border the square on three sides. On the remaining side there is the impressive Duke's Palace (Palazzo Ducale, also known as the "red palace" because of its flame red facade) which was built in 1550. Its
spacious inner courtyard is of extraordinary beauty.
Malaspina Castle is situated just a few minutes walk above the town centre. The base of the square tower is the oldest part, which is flanked by three cylindrical towers enclosed by an
embattled curtain wall.

Crossed by the ancient Via Francigena, Lunigiana is an area extending from the Apennines to the mouth of the Magra river.
This area, belonging in part to Tuscany and in part to Liguria, is rich in mediaeval history: castles, Romanesque churches and ancient villages of extraordinary beauty dot the landscape making it difficult to choose what to see.
Aulla, Filetto, Licciana Nardi, Pontremoli, Villafranca are the most important centers of Lunigiana.
What makes this area special is the wealth of history dating from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages. In fact, this small but attractive region has over the centuries been dominated by various groups of people, each settlement leaving traces of their presence.

Castles Roman Parish Churches In addition, in the museum in Pontremoli you can admire the stela statues dating back to 3000 BC. The Lunigiana cuisine is well known.
Several restaurants and 'trattorie' have maintained the old culinary traditions, based on mushrooms, sausages and quiches. Calendar of the sagre (gastronomic feasts)

It is the environmental and natural resources of our territory which make Massa unique, due to the peculiar characteristics whic impress every newcomer; it is not easy, actually, to find such a variety of landscapes within just a few miles: from the sea to the tilled countryside, the city, the hills and the Apuan Alps, with their hidden treasures that man has, though, always been aware of.

Marble, which has been quarried and fabricated since Roman times in the quarries of near-by Carrara, springs of water with low mineral content gushing out of the mountains, all included within and protected by a healthy and temperate climate, where it never snows; so much so that orange trees, as well as many succulent plants, can peacefully vegetate here.

A few steps from the flatland, on plateaus jutting out to the river Frigido, some mountain villages of extremely ancient origins (such as Altagnana, Antona, Pariana), which must have been inhabited since pre-historical times.

горная деревушка где был грот Antro del Corchia
по дороге в STAZZEMA
It’s the smallest principal town in Versilia. It is also the one located at the highest altitude (443 meters above the sea), on top of mount Matanna. The town’s territory is delimited by the Apuan Alps on the North-East, Camaiore and Pietrasanta on the South-West, and Seravezza on the West. It’s 12km from Seravezza, to which it is connected by regular bus lines. A network of tracks starts from the town, which allow to reach all the locations and the summits of the Apuane which surround it. The town itself is quite off centred from its territory, so much that its legal location is in the hamlet of Ponte Stazzemese. It is inhabited by around 600 people; the economy of the town is limited to some commercial and tourist activities as well as some craftsman shops. The origin and meaning of its name, which first appears in documents from the end of the IX and X centuries, isn’t certain. The Town of Stazzema is divided into 18 hamlets, each one with its story and traditions. The hamlets are Stazzema, Cardoso, Levigliani, Arni, Terrinca, Pontestazzemese, Farnocchia, Sant'Anna, Pomezzana, Retignano, Pruno, Volegno, Ruosina, Palagnana, Mulina, Gallena, La Culla and Campagrina http://www.vacanzeinversilia.com/eng/stazzema.html

наш кемп назывался Luna
полезная информация может быть на этом сайте про парки и туризм

ещё я хотела бы побывать здесь http://www.pontineltempo.it/

40 км от Lucca есть вот что:http://www.bbtoscana.it/en_sara.html
кажется это название той деревушки в горах где был грот:
The nearest point of access is the village of Leviglian - a small semi-tourist village nestling beneath the bulk of Monte Corchia (5,470' - 1,677m). From here, you must walk, though it is possible to use a recently constructed quarry road, to reach some parts of the mountain, but in the main you must be prepared to walk for a couple of hours or more.


Mar. 1st, 2007 05:25 am
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Camping Mirage
Via Maronti, 37 80070 - Barano D'Ischia (NA)
Tel/Fax 081 990551 Mail: elioconte@libero.it 55 places, 5 bungalows, restaurant, bar, supermarket

Camping Valle Dell'Eden
Via Montecito 80074 - Casamicciola Terme - Ischia (NA)
Tel. 081 980158;If camping is closed::Tel. 081 993071

Camping Eurocamping Dei Pini
Via Dellle Ginestre, 28 80070 - Ischia (NA)
Tel. 081 982069 Fax 081 984120 Bar; Supermarket;

Camping Internazionale Isola D'Ischia
Loc. Porto d Ischia Via Foschini 80070 - Ischia (NA)
Tel. 081 991449 - 992183 - 991472 - Bar; Supermarket; Restaurant; 80 places, 20 Bungalows

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Лично я в Италии порекомендовала бы южную часть страны: Calabria, Puglia (Калабрия, Пулия) и остров Сицилию особенно в части от Сиракуз до Агридженто. Сказочно хороши 2 маленьких островка почти у самой Африки, принадлежащие Италии: Лампедуза и Пантеллерия, но туда сложно добираться. В Калабрию, Пулию, Базиликату можно отправиться "дикарем" с палаткой или устроится в отель или кемпинг на месте. В этих местах отдых недорогой, но качественный. 5-ти звездночных отелей нет (за исключением островов), но есть все остальное, чего не хватает (или за что нужно дорого платить) на итльянских курортах в северной части страны. На юге самая вкусная и свежая еда, самые открытые и сердечные люди (в сравнении со всей Италией), самые низкие цены, самые оборудованные и безлюдные (по-вкусу) пляжи, масса развлечений (в том числе и для детей), старинные памятники природы и архитектура разных народов и разные эпох. В хорошем состоянии памятники истории, которые намного древнее,чем возникновение Рима. В греческих театрах, как и тысячи лет назад играют комедии и трагедии древних авторов. Только на каменных скамьях театра под открытым небом, построенного задолго до начала христианской эпохи, сидит современная публика. В анитичной Сиракузе покажут место, на котором Архимед установил свои знаменитые "зеркала", что сожгли неприятельский флот и защитили город. И знаменитое "Ухо Диониса"! Пещера-грот, который считали одним из входов в "царство Аида" - царство мертвых.
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Botticelli NIHotels
Via Taddea 8
Florence 50123
Hotel confirmation number: 5877
Tel: 39055290905 Fax: 39055294322
Cancellations or changes made before 12:00 PM (Romance Daylight Time) on 7/3/2006 are subject to a $26.57 penalty.
Cancellations or changes made after 12:00 PM (Romance Daylight Time) on 7/3/2006 are subject to a 1 Night Room & Tax penalty.
Cancellations or changes made after check-in on 7/6/2006 are subject to a 100% penalty.
Itinerary number: 116427790050
If you have questions about your reservation, fill out our itinerary assistance form. We'll respond within 24 hours: For immediate assistance call Expedia.com at 1-800-EXPEDIA or 1-404-728-8787 and have the itinerary number ready.

Tre Archi
Address : Cannaregio 923
30124 - Venezia
Email : trearchi@venere.com
Fax n. : +39-041-5244356
Phone n. : +39-041-5244356
Reference Number: 2582979
Rooms requested:
1 Triple B&B 180.00 EUR
Total price : 180.00 EUR
Check-in : 15 July 2006
Check-out : 16 July 2006
Number of nights : 1
Timeline for cancellation or modification without penalties:
Friday 07 Jul 2006 23:59 (local time)
Good day To cancel we send us an e mail by venere 7 days prior your arrival date otherwise we charge on your credit card the ammount for the first night
Notes for the hotel:
room with a view of the canal

HOTEL ARIELE from July 16 to July 17
Via Magenta 11 - Florence, Italy 50123
Set in a traditional Florentine building, the Hotel Ariele in Florence, Italy, occupies a carefully- restored, 18th-century palace in a quiet residential area next to the Arno River. The hotel is within walking distance of the Piazza di Santa Croce, Vasari Cloister and Medici Palace. Florence Vespucci airport sits five kilometers away and takes approximately 20 minutes by car.
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palazzo_mannaioni_residence во Флоренции на один день 142 евро, но с кухней и в центре
50125 FIRENZE (FI)
Tel.: 055/271741
Fax: 055/2717402

маленькая квартирка во Флоренции :
квартира в РИМе

Между Массой и Верзилией:

30 км от Флоренции farmhouse

2 км от моря в Ливорно, но с бассейном,можно покупать рыбу на рынке
заиметь членство в:

про телефон:
Luckily, there is now a practical and inexpensive third alternative for having a cell phone in Italy - use the local system. 85% of all Italians use cell phones. About that same percentage use the pay-as-you-go system. By using this system, you can pay the low rates that an Italian pays, meaning, local calls are about 15 cents per minute, calls to the US about 37 cents and, best of all, you get unlimited FREE incoming calls from anywhere in the world. Sounds incredible but it's true. You simply buy what is called a "SIM" card (Subscriber Information Module card - a.k.a. "smart card") with a certain amount of call credit. The SIM card is the brain of the phone and contains information such as your phone number and how much credit you have left. Once that card becomes depleted - or even before it does - you can easily add more talk time by buying a "recharge" card at any magazine stand or convenience store (and this you can legally do). That way, you retain the same SIM card along with your personal cell phone number associated with it. The procedure of recharging a card is simple: just dial a toll free number and follow the prompts (in English) asking you to digit in the recharge code.

By law, you must be a resident to purchase a SIM card in Italy. Fortunately, you can purchase an Italian SIM card through Planet Omni (www.planetomni.com) in the US. You will still need to have a handset, which you can rent or purchase as well from Planet Omni. Many people prefer to buy a handset, (which you can do for as low as US$99.), so that next time they go anywhere else in the world, all they have to do is to get a SIM card for that particular country. And some of the phones even work in the US as well as overseas, meaning that if you do happen to have a carrier using GSM, you only need to tote one phone around the world.

Since cell phone rates in Italy are so low, the number of cell phones has quickly outdistanced the number of landline phones. Also, the Italian telecom providers have made sure that they can reach all potential customers, meaning that the coverage in Italy is exceptional. It virtually encompasses the entire peninsula. In fact, 99.7% of the population is in an area where there is cellular coverage. The sound quality of the GSM standard is so crisp that all major US cellular service providers either already have or are in the process of switching to the GSM system. Although the US has opted to use the 1900 Mhz band, whereas in Italy and everywhere else they use 900 or 1800 Mhz, you can get a triband phone that operates on any of these three bands. In fact, you should consider buying a triband phone. Inevitably and eventually, you will be able to go almost anywhere in the world with just one phone, then all you have to do is to slip in a local SIM card in order to take advantage of the local rates, not to mention to receive free incoming calls. If you are with a US carrier that already uses GSM, you can even do that right now with a triband cell phone. Of course, these carriers don't want you to know that nor do that. They actually modify the phones they sell to accept only their own SIM cards, so you must purchase a triband phone elsewhere.

Tere are a few advantages of having a cell phone with you during your trip to Italy:

1) Inexpensive to use
2) Easy to use
3) Phone is ready to go
4) Calls are prepaid - no surprises
5) Avoid costly hotel phone bills
6) Stay in touch at all times back home
7) Convenience
8) Know your number before you leave
9) If someone needs to reach you, they pay for the call, not you
10) For security or emergency situations


Jun. 7th, 2006 06:27 pm
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Comfort Hotel Diana,
Address :
Calle dei Specchieri 449 I-30100

Description :
The Diana Hotel is a small traditional family run property housed in a 15th century building. It offers the cosy atmosphere of a Venetian home, located in the heart of old Venice close to St. Mark's Square and Rialto Bridge it is near to the cities major tourist attractions Piazzale Roma and Piazza San Marco. Hotel Diana offers excellent value to visitors to the city; visitors can take a boat to San Marco Square then cross the square to Piazzetta Dei Leoni the streets north of San Marco, which boasts the best of street shops, restaurants and bars. The hotel can be easily reached by water taxi from Marco Polo airport in 20 minutes and The Santa Lucia Railway Station is only 1.6 miles away therefore guest at the hotel have easy access to visitor attraction all over Venice.The 28 rooms at the hotel combine the best in modern furnishings with traditional Venetian style. All rooms are equipped with satellite television, telephone, mini-bar, refrigerator, hair dryer, air-conditioning, security safe, which is large enough to store a personal computer and en-suite facilities. Rooms are sound proof accessible to the disabled, smoking is not permitted and all offer a 24hour room service facility, a continental breakfast is available in the hotel's dining room and extra bedding is free in rooms shared by up to two children 12 or under and two parents/guardians. The hotel has 4 floors, which are easily accessible with spacious lifts. At reception there is an exchange facility were multilingual staff all be able to help guests with most enquires. For business guest there is a fax and photocopy service and although the hotel does not have a restaurant the Antico Pignolo and Due Forni situated locally come highly recommended. This hotel is ideally suited to guests that would like to take in the traditions of Venice as well as enjoy the local present-day attractions available. (Chargeable car park nearby)
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http://realcorwin.livejournal.com/45756.html#cutid6 (Римские к-лы и пр.)
http://irmy.livejournal.com/8833.html (Римини и окрестности)
(Извините, если что будет лишним :))



The third Sunday of July

The most well-known watch of the night is the feast of the Redentore, between the third Saturday and the third Sunday of July . On that occasion a pontoon-bridge links Giudecca to Zattere which are separated by a canal. All the Venetians take part in the feast pouring in the streets with music and songs: boats of different shapes, colossal boats ("peata"), light punts, gondolas, and small boats covered with branches and coloured balloons, become lighted boats, in which cheerful groups spend the night having abundant dinners with "saor" (sardelles with onions), little snails, and ducks.
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The hotel Cordova enjoys a privileged location, just a few steps from the Accademia (with Michelangelo's David) and from San Marco (with Fra' Angelico's frescoes). A

Via Camillo Cavour 96 - 50121 Florence
By train
Santa Maria Novella railway station is only 800 metres from the hotel. Take via Nazionale, turn right on via XXVII Aprile and left on via Cavour.

By airplane
Florence airport is 8 km from the hotel. Follow the driving directions above, or take the airport shuttle to the central station and follow the walking directions, above, from there.
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Hotel Delle Nazioni
Budget hotel facing central train station
Rooms and apartments
Renovated in 2003-2005, guestrooms and self-catering apartments with kitchenettes provide a casual, contemporary ambience of light-colored wood furniture and white-marble bathrooms
Expedia Special Rate hotel for this destination? Booking online is a snap -- or call 1(800) 509-2013 to book by phone

Via Luigi Alamanni, 15
Florence, 50123

Nearest major airport:
Florence, Italy (FLR-Peretola)

Central Train Station (Stazione Centrale) - across the street
Santa Maria Novella church / piazza - 300 meters (328 yards)
Arno River - 500 meters (547 yards)
Convention center (Palazzo di Congressi) - 500 meters (547 yards)
Medici Chapels / San Lorenzo - 700 meters (766 yards)
Baptistry (Battistero) - 800 meters (875 yards)
Duomo - 900 meters (984 yards)
Galleria dell'Accademia - 1 km (0.75 mile)
Palazzo Vecchio - 1.25 km (0.75 mile)
Uffizi Gallery - 1.25 km (0.75 mile)
Ponte Vecchio - 1.25 km (0.75 mile)
San Marco Museum - 1.25 km (0.75 mile)
National Museum of Bargello - 1.5 km (1 mile)
Santo Spirito church (outdoor market) - 1.5 km (1 mile)
Santa Croce church - 1.75 km (1 mile)
Pitti Palace (Palazzo Pitti) - 2 km (1.25 miles)
Boboli Gardens - 2 km (1.25 miles)
Fort Belvedere - 2.25 km (1.5 miles)

Florence Airport (FLR): Approximate driving time is 20 minutes and distance is 9 km (5.5 miles).

Driving directions from Florence Airport: Follow the directions to the city center – the hotel is located on the left side of the central station.

Getting there: Taxis are available at the airport. Public buses operate from the airport to Florence's Central Train Station (Stazione Centrale) across the street from the hotel.

Getting around: Because Florence's historical center is compact, most principal attractions are accessible on foot. Bicycles and motor scooters can be rented. Taxi stands are located in front of the train station across the street from the hotel, and the hotel staff also summon taxis on request. Car rentals are available online, with permits
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Porto Santo Stefano is located in Tuscany on a peninsula connected to the west coast of Italy. It was founded in the 16th century by fisherman traveling from Elba Island. The town is dominated by an ancient Spanish fort that rises above the city center. Visitors are allowed to enter and explore the inside of this intriguing relic. The town features charming city streets that are closed to motorized traffic and perfect for experiencing the quaint and enchanting atmosphere of this ancient Italian port. Porto Santo Stefano is conveniently situated near numerous sandy and rocky beaches situated on both sides of the peninsula where vacationers may swim, snorkel, or wind surf in warm Mediterranean waters or simply lie on the beach and enjoy the cool breezes and warm Italian sun. Boat trips to offshore islands are also available as well as boat tours of Monte Argentario (which means Silver Hill, the peninsula on which Porto Santo Stefano rests). Vacationers may also bathe in hot springs in the ancient Roman town of Saturnia only a one hour drive from your vacation villa in Porto Santo Stefano. Porto Santo Stefano is located 150 kilometres (95 miles) north of Rome, 180 kilometres (110 miles) southwest of Florence, and 120 kilometres (75 miles) west of Siena, 196 Km from Arezzo, 230 km from Perugia, 40 Km from Grosseto.
Тел гостиницы 011390564812634
Hotel La Caletta - Porto Santo Stefano Monte Argentario дорого но прото потрясающее место у моря прямо у кромки воды кредит карт-гараж-частный пляжhttp://en.venere.com/hotels_monte_argentario/porto_santo_stefano/hotel_la_caletta.
Giglio and Giannutri Island
Etruscan archeological sites

Marina Di Massa
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про покупку билетов в поезде: немножко сомневаюсь, более того - любые купленные билеты надо не забывать компостировать на платформе перед посадкой - в противном случае штрафы высоки! Раньше можно было покупать у контролёра в ночное время, когда кассы закрыты, но теперь действительно - на крупных вокзалах автоматы работают круглосуточно (их же можно использовать и просто для просмотра и выбора расписаний от любых других станций при маршруте с пересадками), при чём не только по кредиткам (с ними, кстати, будьте осторожны: на всех вокзалах - "дежурства" по подглядыванию номеров:) - есть и за наличные евро. А вот на малых станциях - бывает, все кассы неисправны или даже просто электричества нет - вот тогда действительно контролёры это знают и благосклонны как правило. Удобнее же всего, при возможности, покупать билеты через тот же сайт (вот тут пишут: http://community.livejournal.com/ru_italia/227774.html - почитайте)

- проверяют "городские" билеты, действительно, очень редко (и в Венеции, и в римском метро: http://community.livejournal.com/ru_italia/218809.html ), но метко - штрафы опять-таки и другие проблемы.

- наконец, музеи: во всей Италии (за очень редким исключением) выходной - в понедельник. Но не в Ватикане (отдельное государство:)), поэтому, если эта часть недели - в Риме, то очень правильно именно понедельник Ватикану отдать (или - тому месту, где музей - не главное в программе :)
www.homelidays.com - заказать дом или студию
На море в Тоскане:
appartement - 2 pièces - 4/6 personnes

Montecatini Val di Cecina Montecatini Val di Cecina
Italie, Toscane - Pise

200 € - 350 € / semaine
составить маршрут передвижения по городу --

Когда лет 10 назад я пару недель тусовался во Флоренции в языковой школе (Макьявелли на Санто Спирито), то состав группы был примерно таким: человек семь - немцев, двое - японок, одна американка, одна испанка, один израильтянин, один иорданец, один румынский священник и - я (вообще первый русский на всю школу). Вообще район Олтрарно (по другую сторону реки Арно от центра) - весьма интересен для жизни и учёбы ещё и потому, что это район ремесленников самых разных ремёсел, работают они при открытых дверях, а можно вообще в любой языковой школе пойти на курс, совмещающий изучение языка с изучением любого такого ремесла :) - но летом с этим опять-таки проблемы (я учился не летом) - мне кажется, что и часть курсов летом закрыта, а ремесленные боттеги многие - точно :(((

Ещё возьмите на заметку: раз в неделю (во вторник не то в среду) работает большой "блошиный рынок" в районе Кашине (между одноименным ипподромом и рекой - на набережной) - про сам рынок тоже так и говорят: "Кашине". Он предназначен в общем-то не для туристов, а для "аборигенов" - бывает много любопытного от одежды до книжек и т.п. Торговаться до снижения цены вдвое и более - не возбраняетя :), только приходить надо рано - около полудня всех продавцов сдувает как ветром вне зависимости от наличия покупателей. Из других не каждый день доступых интересностей: всего два-три дня в неделю и тоже лишь по утрам открыт дворик-галерея и комната с одной из двух "Тайных Вечерь" Доменико Гирландайо при церкви Всех Святых (Оньиссанти) на одноименной площади на набережной (там, на площади, ещё скульптура Геракла, загрызающего льва:)). Это, кстати, как раз по пути на Кашине или обратно. Ну - а всего не перескажешь и за год. Чуть дальше Фортеццы да Бассо (это та "крепость у железнодорожной станции", о которой вспоминает warm_venus) в той же стороне (ул. Leone X) - есть очень красивая Русская Церковь (такой маленький "Василий Блаженный", жаль только, что не на холме - но в последнее время в связи с ростом прихожан подходы к ней облагородили).

О некоторых любопытных исторических вещах, а также о нынешней Капелле Медичи, созданной Микеланджело, можете почитать в моём давнем эссэ, которое недавно выпросили для публикации:

кемпинг недалеко от Naples http://www.campingmirage.it/campinging.htm
the island of Ischia.tel/fax (0039) 081990551
Camping Mirage - 80070 Barano d'Ischia - Spiaggia dei Maronti

там куда :S. Angelo


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