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* Select a level area that will receive at least 6 hours of sunshine per day.
* Select a bed layout that fits the garden area. Long, narrow beds work well along the side of a house or fence. Don't be afraid to think outside the box! Your garden bed does not have to be rectangular. Consider an L-shape garden for a corner area. A U-shape garden fits well in a square or rectangular area.
* Buy quality lumber such as rough redwood or cedar that is 2" thick. Do NOT buy pressure treated lumber. You cannot have an organic garden when your beds are treated with chemicals.
* To grow vegetables, make sure the lumber is at least 12" wide-so the beds will be at least 12" tall. Anything less will inhibit root growth.
* Build custom beds that are comfortable for you. If you are tall or suffer from back problems, build tall beds so you don't have to stoop. Save your back with 20" High Raised Garden Bed Brackets.
* Make sure the bed is narrow enough that you can tend to it without stepping inside the bed. If you can reach the bed from both sides, then a width of 4' is ideal. If you can only reach the bed from one side (for example, if the other side is against a fence), make sure it is no wider than 3'.
* Each bed will need a water supply. It's easier to build one long bed, with a single water source, than multiple beds each with their own water supply.
* To build a bed with straight and sturdy corners, use Raised Garden Bed Corner Brackets.
* If the raised bed will be longer than 12', use Raised Garden Bed Center Brackets to extend the length of the bed.
* Lay galvanized wire mesh on the bottom of the bed to prevent gophers from attacking your plants from below. Fold up the edges of the mesh and press them against the inside of the lumber boards.
* Fill the beds to the brim with top quality amended soil.

artichoke, beets, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chives, cilantro, collards, dill, endive, fava beans, garlic, kale, lettuce, onions, parsley, parsnip, peas, radish, spinach, swiss chard, thyme

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огород для помидоров;

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Мы были на острове, который освоен цивилизацией только по периметру. Или лучше сказать по окружности.  А серединка вся в тропических  лесах  и законсервирована.  В смысле, что плоды цивилизации там, в серединке,  не разрешены. Но гулять можно где угодно, если сможешь туда, куда тебе угодно, добраться, конечно.
Там много рек, которые текут из серединки к океану, как лучики у нарисованного детской рукой солнца.
Мы сели в трёхместный каяк и поднялись вверх по реке, потом с помощью босоного нашего проводника добрались по тропинке в джунглях до водопада. Около водопада гуляли куры с петухом. Они на этом острове везде гуляют. Птицы эти там не домашние, а дикие.
Ещё на этом острове есть поющие пески и облако, из которого всё время дождит, без остановки и без перерыва.
Есть также потрясающий каньон-  мини модель Гранд Каньона.
И остатки русского форта, в котором наши соотечественники по иронии судьбы прожили всего лишь 2 года.
С этого острова можно увидить остров Вчерашнего Дня,  куда обычному смертному дорога заказана.
Что ещё ... Из русского контекста.. У Высоцкого есть песня о капитане Куке, который на этом острове когда-то высадился, а на соседнем его съели. Памятник Куку на острове стоит. Смешно, что Ася тоже спросила "Ну почему аборигены съели Кука?" На что Саша ей песню спел. Разве что гитары не было с собой:)
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21000 Big Basin Way
Saratoga, CA 95070

Bamboo Giant Gardens
Exotic species can be found at the secret gardens of Bamboo Giant - Santa Cruz, California on 31-acres with many acres of rare, specimen bamboo including over 100 species and many mature groves. It is said to be one of the largest display bamboo gardens in the USA.
The garden also consists of rhododendrons, camellias, azaleas, deciduous magnolias, gingkoes, dogwoods, lilacs, roses, palms, purple leaf plum, birches, irises, callas, cannas, clematis, honeysuckle, jasmine, wisteria, giant tree dahlias, redwood groves, oaks, cedars and large ponds with fish, frogs, water lilies, water irises and Egyptian water lotus, etc.
It takes approximately an hour for the long tour through all of the groves. The short tour is 20 minutes. You will see Giant timber Moso, giant ebony black timber, bright green towering timber with huge canes the size of oatmeal containers, timber with beautiful green stripes on banana yellow canes, as well as black stripes on green canes. There are green canes with yellow groves and gray-green canes with black spots, known as snakeskin. Additionally, there are crooked canes, purple, brown, red, square canes and Buddha belly, etc. Some new shoots are pink, bluish/gray, spotted, etc. and grow over a foot per day. Many of the bamboo in this garden can’t be seen anywhere else in the world.
We are located on the Monterey Bay in Santa Cruz County. Please call for details and an appointment for a guided garden tour.


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